Custom CRM Integration


Daylesford’s Stony Creek Gallery needed a far more effective way of retaining their customer details in the digital age. We built a simple and easy to use customer retention framework that would both improve sales while also streamlining the galleries direct marketing campaigns.

For many years at Daylesford’s Stony Creek Gallery, when a customer expressed interest in an artwork or made a purcahse, their details were recorded and filed using a paper system. In the digital age retention rates using traditional paper databases have become a major hindrance to fast and accurate customer reference and recall.

Challenge and Objectives

The Gallery hired Bebop Digital to develop a sophisticated framework and interface which would allow a customers contact details to be entered into the gallery database in real time. This fully integrated, customised system could then interact directly with the businesses digital marketing and email strategy. Our greatest challenge was always going to be integrating a streamlined, easy to use and manage system within the framework of the client’s existing website.

We set out to build a fully integrated customer reference system that would give the gallery staff the power to keep in contact with the most valuable resource in their business; their customers. Our goal was to create an agile, user friendly system which could encompass all of our client’s customer retention needs while giving them the power to manage their customer data in a straightforward manner.

Process and Insight

In the context of a busy and successful commercial art gallery, the moment when a customer decides to purchase an artwork is all important. Thus finalising the transaction and taking down their details needs to be a streamlined, rapid and smooth experience for both customer and staff alike. The ideal outcome in a business such as this was to integrate an easy to use form which allowed staff members to enter a customers details inreal time. This information would then be added directly to the database and the need to employ the inefficient paper method would thus be overcome.

We knew that the Galleries customers wanted a simple, easy and fast system to finalise their sale; as once any deliberation over an artwork is concluded, a customer is keen to see the work hanging on their wall as fast as possible. So for our solution we focused our design in two key areas. The first was to create a clean, elegant and user friendly form that could rapidly collect customer details. The other was to build an intuitive, searchable back-end database that gave gallery staff and management the opportunity to easily manage their customer data.


The design and layout of the customer details form involved a clean and solid framework focused on user experience. The backend which included a powerful custom wordpress integrated database. We made the database searchable giving the gallery fast and accurate access to their data. This data could also be intergrated with auto responders such as mailchimp for running their marketing and outbound email campaigns.


The Result was a massively improved data retention giving them the opportunity to make contact with customers and streamline their sales and marketing processes across the entire business. This solution has grown and evolved to become a critical part of the business and has improved both customer retention and sales in a clear way.