Michael Parker Studio


Daylesford based artist Michael Parker approached us looking for a website that would be focused on his practice and the diverse and creative world of his studio. Such a sight would give individual collectors of his work, along with other galleries and others across the artistic millieu a rare opportunity to see directly inside the world of a hard working, and highly succesful Australian painter.

Context and Challenges

Michael Parker has a great brand as an artist and his work is much loved by a great number of collectors and fans across Australia. However the process behind his painting, with its unique and highly recognizable style, has not been clearly visible online. We set out to find a way to bring his studio practice to the world by creatively incorporating existing video marketing material and interviews that had been conducted about Michael and his work.

Process and Insight

We decided to undertake the ambitious task of building a full screen video websight that allowed users to interact with Michael’s brand across all devices. The goal was to give the user the experience of Michael’s world which would in turn whet their appetite to find out more about his artwork on their next visit to Daylesford. In the end, through close consultation with the artist we devised a simple layout which saw a video of the artist at work employed as the background to the site itself, with clear and easy to view content columns in front of it.


As Michael relies on his brand and his reputation to sell his work he now has a fantastic, interactive website which gives his audience and collectors the chance to engage with his work. This is a most important element in the promotional side of his business and the site has succeeded in promoting both his work along with other aspects of his artistic career.


The final outcome for Michael was a cutting edge design that really reflected the nature of the work of this contemporary Australian artist. This new website has seen improved engagement with his work from his fans and has also helped in the crucial way to increase visibility along with his brand online.