Stony Creek Gallery


When they first approached us, Stony Creek Gallery’s existing website was more than 6 years out of date. It had grown clunky and slow over the years and was unresponsive, meaning the UX on mobiles and tablets was not great. They had expressed a desire to modernise their website and improve their overall presence on the web.

Context and Challenges

Browsing the existing site was proving slow and the key task of task of updating new images was proving troublesome for the staff. Bebop set out to build a new website that could effectively support the growing presence of the gallery online. We also wanted to give the staff at the gallery an easy to use system whereby they could upload images and content, effectively giving them full creative control over that aspect of the online business.

Process and Insight

We decided to overhaul the entire existing site while remaining true to the existing design principles and colour schemes of the gallery. One of the great challenges for us was coming up with a consistent design framework which incorporated a dark background and worked with a generally darker colour scheme. In the end we grew to become very confident with a design that involved darker sections and the final product stylistically very satisfying.


As this business relies heavily on visiting tourists, we integrated the businesses google places listing with an innovative map design that would allow tourists and visitors to quickly find the gallery and navigate their way there. To showcase some of the great images on offer from the gallery we used the parallax effect on scroll to give scrolling and navigating across the content a slick and smooth sensation. We also rolled out an impressive gallery for all the great artwork on display throughout the gallery while also incorporating an image slider which could showcase all the fine artworks on display.


The result was a modern, fully responsive, sleek and fully functional website that brought the Galleries web presence up to the cutting edge of both design and web development. The Gallery was very happy and proud of the final product and now feel their digital presence is reflective of all the wonderful artwork available at their unique artistic institution.